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Why choose us

We believe in putting the most important things right out front. We think we're the right choice in an IT service provider for your business, and here's why:
  • Experience - We've been in this business for almost 20 years. We've seen a lot of technologies come and go, and there are absolutely lessons to be learned. Choose us and you won't need to learn them the hard way.
  • Innovation - We use technology ourselves to serve our clients better. We provide remote support and management of networks, workstations, servers, and periperals wherever possible. And we use cloud based management of backup and anti-virus solutions to stay on top of your system even when we're not there. Choose us, and see the difference.
  • Reliability - An important aspect of your support provider is that you can count on them. We've been doing this for a long time, and we've managed to do that by being there when our clients need us. Choose us, and you can sleep better.
  • Community - Despite all the advances in communication and technology, it's important to recognize when it just can't do the job. Sometimes you need a person right there on-site at your place of business to solve a problem. We are a locally owned and operated business right here in the Burlington/Oakville community. Choose us, and we'll see you at Tim's someday.

Experience, innovation, reliability and community.
That's the bottom line of GWS Data Consultants.
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