Network Solutions

Communication has become a key element of modern business. It's effective use distributes data and intelligence across any distance. And it's probably the number one way you can improve your efficiency and profitability. In this area, there is rarely a single technology used. The solution is built on several levels which need to inter-operate smoothly. That takes a bit of design and a lot of experience to do well.

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Here's a brief look at some of the core networking technologies used today.

Wired Networks

The original computer network was of course wired. But it remains the most stable and cost effective technology used today. It typically requires no maintenance, but does take some work to install. It's still the best solution for most office based businesses.

Wireless Networks

Wireless network availability is now being found almost everywhere you go. It's becoming something that businesses are providing for their customers during meetings and seminars. And your customers may soon ask for the same. It is not generally the best solution as a base for an entire business network, but it's a good addition to allow everyone's smartphone to get fast free Internet while at work. The key is to make sure it doesn't compromise the security of your main network in the process.


Virtual Private Networks allow someone off-site or at home with secure, encrypted access to an office network. This allows people to work almost like they're right in the office. They can increase your employee's ability to work off hours, and can increase job satisfaction by making a home office possible. They are not the best solution when you deal with large data files or for graphic designers. But like everything else, they can be combined with additional technologies to limit their weaknesses.


  • Stable and Secure
  • Low maintenance

  • Low cost installation
  • Great as an addition

  • Secure
  • Provides capabilities you didn't have before
  • Work well with other technologies


Pricing for network design and installation is billed at our pre-negotiated hourly rate. If you need a specific quote for a larger job, we're happy to provide that also.