Technical Support

The largest part of our business is technical support. And it's changed considerably since we began almost 20 years ago. There is now a host of new technology to make supporting computer systems faster and easier. that's good news for both you and us.

Most of our support activity is helping with software glitches, hardware problems, or installing and configuring new technology. Our first option is always to correct the problem remotely if possible. This gets you back to work quickly and keeps your support costs low. Many companies use this method exclusively and outsource it to other countries with lower labour costs to save even more money. We obviously don't do that. The technician you speak to on the phone may well be the one who comes through your doorway if we need to go on-site to resolve the issue. We think that's good continuity, and a higher level of service for you, the customer. We will always approach your support issue in the most effective way possible because we understand that the cost of not being able to do business grows each day.

As the technology has changed, the liabilities have changed as well. Computers are very reliable now in comparison to 20 years ago. You are more likely to lose data to a virus, spyware, or simply user error than you are to a hardware failure. And the value of that data has changed also. What you keep on your computer is probably critical to the operation of your business. If something happens to that data, it can be very hard to recover quickly. That's why we believe in being proactive. We can provide and monitor anti-virus, anti-spyware, and most importantly automated off-site backup in case the worst occurs.

GWS Data is our “go-to” IT solution – from the simplest to the most complicated technical issues, our GWS technician is always there for us!


Here's a look at some of the strategies we use to keep you up and running.

Online Ticketing

A very important step in the support process is what you actually need to do to get help. Our preferred method is to use our on-line ticketing system. As soon as you enter your issue, the technician assigned to your account is sent a text message and an email with the details. From there, we'll usually contact you directly to start fixing the problem. Any updates to the ticket are emailed to you, so that you know what's happening every step of the way. You can of course also just call us, in which case we'll enter the ticket on our end just to keep track of things.

Remote Support

If at all possible, we'll start by trying to solve your problem remotely. If you have one of our subscription plans, we'll get going immediately whether you are there or not. Otherwise, you will need to download and run a small program to begin the session.

On-Site Support

When remote support isn't effective, we'll get in the car and drive. Not far of course, because we're right here in Burlington. And it's probably good to meet face to face sometimes. If you need equipment, we have wholesale access to products via Ingram Micro, the world's largest technology distributor.

Monitoring and Maintenance

As a business, you absolutely must protect you data from corruption and loss. We've seen lots of people go through it both good and bad. The technology is available to protect you in almost every case. All you need to do is implement it in your business. Let us help you protect your data and your business. We know it's worth it.


  • Quick messaging to support staff
  • Trackable

  • Fastest way to resolve many problems
  • Lowers your cost

  • Available when needed
  • Works for an issue

  • A must have for today's world
  • Costs less that you might expect


Incidental Support

Our basic support is provided whenever something goes wrong.

  • available 24/7
  • rate premium applies outside of normal business hours
  • access to web ticketing system to track incidents
  • optional custom remote support application installed on each computer
  • 15 minute minimum charge for remote support
  • one hour minimum charge for on-site support
  • all work billed in 15 minute increments
  • billing reconciled monthly

Regular Maintenance and Upgrades

For service we provide regularly such as server monitoring or planned upgrades, we'll give you a discount.

  • available during normal business hours
  • must be planned more than 3 business days in advance
  • billing reconciled monthly

Ant-Virus Subscription - as low as $3.00/computer each month (5 system min)

We use a cloud based anti-virus solution for centralized management and reporting

  • regular monitoring
  • virus activity alerts
  • initial installation billed as regular support rates
  • anti-virus subscription billed yearly

On-line Backup Subscription - $10.00/user each month (workstation)

The most important thing you can do is to back up your business data. We have a range of options to support all of your devices.

  • regular monitoring
  • missed backup alerts
  • initial installation billed as regular support rates
  • backup subscription billed quarterly